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Website Marketing Strategies and Tools You Can Use to Build Your Own Business Success

Have you created a website and are looking for ways to promote and manage it effectively? Are you thinking about how to display your website on the first two pages of GoogleBing or other popular search engines, as well as how to maximize the results of your Google PageRank Checker? Do you not have enough ideas for marketing a website altogether? Fortunately, there are countless  strategies you can follow and tools you can utilize if you need to increase your website's exposure, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO), without ever having to break the bank.

  • Build your professional network
  • Discuss your marketing ideas to groups on LinkedInFacebookTwitter and other popular social networks
  • Submit press releases or descriptive e-mails to interested bloggers
  • Reward your existing customers for a job well done
  • Get your customers to bring in new customers by offering discounts on your products and/or services.
  • Update your website frequently by making it as informative and eye-catching as possible
  • Provide tips, hints, user reviews and other helpful information to increase your sales potential
  • Offer your non-competing business customers an unique link exchange
  • Set aside your downtime by continuing to market, or even reinvent, yourself 
  • Launch your own blogs and update them daily
  • Research websites that offer content similar to yours and attach them as hyperlinks

  • The Importance of Google
  • Keyword Selection
  • Content is King 
  • Generosity is Also King
  • Social Media (i.e. LinkedInFacebookTwitter)
  • Calls-to-Action
  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Nurturing (e.g. Thank-You E-mails) 
  • Tracking Progress 
  • Patience & Tenacity

  • Design your own business cards free of charge
  • Offer unique link exchanges via a PageRank Checker
  • Network with others by handing them your free business cards at any social gathering

The Nine Elements of Effective Web Marketing:
  • Identification of Site Goals 
  • Clearly Defined Target Audience 
  • Compelling Message 
  • Seamless Site Structure and Information Flow 
  • Sharp Calls to Action 
  • Lead Capture Mechanism 
  • Supporting (i.e. Vivid/Colorful) Graphic Design 
  • Site Promotion Tactics
  • Testing, Measurement, and Refinement

A Proven Website Marketing Strategy to Help You Boost Your Traffic:
More specific information can be found at: - How to Lay Out Your Website Marketing Plan

Graphic of Social Media Marketing — social media are very powerful tools for your site/business growing and advertising. Look on this "insane" infographic that shows that digital marketing is very entangled, but useful.

10 Essential SEO Strategies:
  • Write Good Content
  • Do Your Keyword Research on WordTrackerGoogle Analytics, and AdSense
  • Use Your Keywords Wisely in the Following Order:
    • The title Tag
    • The h1 and h2 Headings in the Page
    • Link Text (in links within the page, and in links from other pages)
    • The page Uniform Resource Locator (i.e. Web Address)
    • Image alt Text
    • Bold and Italicized Text
  • Find Websites Similar in Content to Yours and Use Them as Links 
  • Structure Your Website by Incorporating Your Own Sitemap
  • Analyze Your Website via Google AnalyticsBing Webmaster Tools, and/or SEO Book and Chat
  • Keep Abreast of the Latest SEO News via SEO Book and Chat or Social Bookmarking Websites (e.g. Sphinn)
  • Avoid Black Hat Techniques
  • Keep an Eye on Duplicate Content
  • Remember the Description and Keywords Tags

10 SEO Techniques All Top Web Sites Should Use
  • Title Tag
  • Meta Tags
  • Proper Use of Heading Tags
  • Alt Attributes on Images
  • Title Attributes on Links
  • XML Sitemap
  • Relevant Content
  • Link Building
  • Social Media
  • A Few SEO Don’ts — Flash and Splash

Benefits of Article Marketing as an SEO Technique:
  • Increased Traffic from the Search Engines
  • Increased Traffic from Direct Sources
  • Increased Search Engine Positioning for your Desired Keywords
  • Increased Number of Backlinks
  • Increased Number of Keywords
  • Increased Number of Referred Web Addresses
  • Increased Exposure, or Online Visibility, and Branding  
  • Greater Control over the Minimum Number of In-Pointing Links
  • Greater Control over Anchor Text in your Links

Some Black Hat SEO Techniques You Can Use Ethically:
  • Hidden Text 
  • IP Delivery
  • 301 Redirects
  • Throw Away Domains
  • Cloaking (Text-Only)
  • Paid Links (e.g. Web Donations)
  • Keyword "Tagging," or Folksonomy
  • Automatically Generated Keyword Pages
  • Misspellings
  • Scrapings (i.e. Web "Mirrors")
  • Ad-Only Pages
  • Blog Spam via a WordPress Blog
  • Duplicate Content on Multiple Domains Under a Creative Commons License
  • Revive Old Domains
  • Fake the News by Incorporating Real-Time Events in the News
  • Link Farm, or Legitimate Blog Network
  • New Exploits
  • Brand Jacking (i.e. Writing Positive or Negative Reviews)
  • Fix Broken Links
  • Hidden Affiliate Links
  • Doorway, or Landing, Pages
  • Multiple Subdomains (e.g. BloggerWordPress)
  • Twitter Automation 
  • Deceptive Headlines
  • Google Bowling
  • Invisible Web Links (e.g. StatCounter)

Having decided which kinds of strategies and tools are the most effective for your online marketing plan, you may come to the conclusion that so-called "Black Hat SEO" techniques are to be avoided, for it will damage your overall reputation. But, no matter what types of SEO techniques you do utilize in the end, your online marketing plan, let alone your own website, will undoubtedly foster greater appeal to the audience(s) that are ever so critical to your overall potential business success.  

If you are looking for more information about what you can do your increase your website's hits, contact our research specialist.