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Top 8 Free and Open Source Content Management Systems

When it comes to Content Management Systems (CMS), there are some conflicting views.  It is usually difficult for one person, a web developer or designer, or a team to showcase the contents on a website in a professional way. So they start looking for help in designing and maintaining websites. This is where CMS systems come into action. There are so many CMS out there right now that it always creates the confusion when choosing one. Moreover, the rapid development of online communities makes them even more popular, so everyone wants to get their share.

In this article we've selected 8 best free and open source CMS designed to make your life easier.

Our top favorite CMS is Who would've thought! For one thing, EVERYONE loves it. It's incredibly popular and user-friendly. It's good for beginners as well as for more advanced users. There's a special documentation page and WYSIWYG editor for figuring out how to use the system. 

With WordPress you have the widest range of plug-ins at your disposal. All the themes are "SEO ready", so you don't have to worry about keeping up with web standards - the system does all the job for you. You can get your website listed in major search engines within days. 

This CMS provides you with the choice of either getting your website hosted or non-hosted. DreamHost provides with free WordPress hosting, so there's more to this system than it can solely offer. 

There's another favorite! has also proved its top position on the web for some time now. With its user-friendly interface, it is easy to install, configure and administer. It has great support for access control protocols like LDAP, OpenID and Gmail. Either you have working knowledge on HTML or you don't, Joomla! is what you need for creating a quality website. 

For some time before, has been a paid CMS. Now it's free and open for anyone. With its Pro Options you get the best out of the two. MovableTYPE has wieldy user and admin interfaces. There are numerous extensions that are easily downloadable from the website. You do not have to be a professional programmer to make the most out of the built-in tools provided by the software. 

4. is one of the leading CMS that concentrates on actual content management rather than blogging. They've built up their own PHP framework called Saphire to make it easy creating themes and extending your website. It renders its own templating language to help out in the design process.With the advanced WYSIWYG editor, easy drag & drop functions you have the full control over the way you want your content to look on the website.

With SilverStripe you don't have to worry about SEO - the system does everything for you. You can simply make use of the built-in content version control and the native SEO support. 

5. is now what was before named TYPOlight. After changing the name, the software started its long way to the top of the mountain. It has a bunch of advanced options to make your website stand out from the crowd: the built-in CSS generator allows editing more than one selector at a time without having to go to the previous action; unique bundle modules like newsletters or calendars ensures advanced system functionality. Contao now provides with convenient image handling and PunBB integration. 

Although is still one of our favorites on the list, we have to admit - you'd probably need to be a programmer to be able to customize and add features. The system goes beyond the standard content management. It's more of a pure CMS that does not concentrate on any particular platform. Drupal offers tons of modules, like forums, user blogs, OpenID, profiles and more. 

7. is not fully a CMS, but rather a blog engine. You can import your blog from MovableType, Blogger, B2Evolution and Wordpress in no time. It is flexible for designers and easy for technical end users. If you acquire any kind of help, there's an active developer community at your disposal. 

With you don't need to have any programming skills. It has all the basic functionality of the regular content management system, however it does not depend on any particular programming language. To be able to use CushyCMS yo don't need to install anything, now do you require another web host - CushyCMS has its own hosted service. You can either create a new site with CushyCMS or manage your existing sites with its hosted service.  

Stop guessing! Let one of these powerful CMS work for you today. 

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