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10 Best Tools to Choose a Good Domain Name

If you are thinking of creating a website, the first thing you might want to consider is finding a good domain name. This process can be harder than it seems. If you want your website to be popular and widely known, you'd need to have a unique, easy-to-remember, creative domain name that would represent the purpose of your website.

So, the questions is: how do you find it? Here are the top 10 best tools meant to help you find a good domain name. is one of the best tools for searching for domain names by means of keywords. It gives you a couple of options to choose from: a word combiner, a quick domain search with a ready made name, and a domain maker providing with different variations of words and phrases. Moreover, it provides you with an advantage of checking the availability of the domain name instantly, without having to make any extra steps in your search. 

2. Who Is has a number of tools related to domain name search as well as WhoIs Lookup. It provides with a considerably large and unique list of additional name suggestions. The search is based on a couple of options that define the type and importance of extensions and setting: topical, basic, related, DNS, etc.


3. Name Cheap is a smart and efficient domain search tool. With its rich database of name suggestions, it allows you to check the availability of a particular domain name you are interested in directly, and gives you a chance to choose from the list of up to 50 domains at a time with a bulk domain search option.  

4. Domize enables you to instantly check the availability of a domain name following a network pattern. The simple domain search checks the availability of each word with various extensions. The advanced search option supports the list-grading commands that help you find as many domain names as possible based on your initial name suggestion.


5. Dotster

is always there to provide you with unique and semantically relevant name suggestions. You can enter up to 50 domains and the system will furnish different variations of names in no time. In one small step you will have a chance to choose a name, check its availability and request it for purchase.

6. PC Names is an efficient domain search tool. For immediate search you can use the Instant Search option providing with an easy and comfortable way of finding your perfect domain name and checking its availability. The Pro Search tool presents additional name suggestions with premium options. 

7. Domain Name Soup is a smart and fun-to-use domain search tool. Based on the main keywords in your search, the results of domain names are presented in a couple of options: "cool domain names", "business domain names", "domain names mangle", and "word combinations", giving a wide choice of suggested names. All of these options are meant to meet the requirements of your website. 

8. Domain Groovy is an easy-to-use solution for finding a good domain name. With its simple one keyword search tool, it provides with various name suggestions along the optional suffixes and prefixes that make up a unique and inviting domain name. You can also generate a name through synonyms and random words. In association with, Domain Groovy gives you an opportunity to check the availability of your desired domain name in just one click. 


9. Domain Exposer is a simple, but very refreshing tool to use while looking for a perfect domain name. You simply pick up a keyword, mix it up with additional words and notions, try various keywords positions, change up the starting and ending words, etc. In other words, you have the power to manage your search with little effort. Furthermore, the system will instantly provide you with an opportunity to check the availability of the domain name and buy it at the same page. 


10. Name Boy is a tool that generates names on the basis of primary and secondary keywords. Although you might get to go through the process of manually choosing the extensions you are interested in, to move on to checking the availability of the name you're interested in, you still get to choose names from a considerably big list of unique and creative suggestions.  


If you are still not certain which tool to use, make sure to contact us for further advice.