How We Do It

Azilio, LLC/Helpnia specializes in providing detailed research for busy professionals. Any time you come across a subject that requires spending countless hours in the library or online, you can ask us to do this research for you. 

Here is a short list of tasks we have worked on in the past for our clients:
  • Vacation Destination Research: Finding the perfect destination on a budget; arranging accommodations and transportation both at home and at the destination; tour packages and points of interest; assistance with urgent travel needs, such as airport delays/reroutes.
  • Cost of Services Research: Collecting and analyzing information about services located in a specified town in a particular county or state at the lowest price possible.
  • Hotel Booking Research: Finding the most reputable hotels for business and family trips through different criteria: Features (e.g. smoke-free areas, 24-hour business center, parking), price limits (e.g. $150 per night), location (i.e. downtown, airport, or the suburbs) and others.
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Research Storage Service

Client says:

"I need your help locating low-cost, long-term storage facilities near where I live in Greenwich, CT. I'm looking for some safe place where I can put 4 bikes, a summer and winter set of tires, and a few other items." 

Car Service Companies

Client says:

"I need a ride from Greenwich, CT to JFK Airport and back. Altogether, there are 4 adults and a two-year-old child. I will leave my house at 7:15am and need to be picked up from JFK Airport at 5:45pm." 
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